ItalHealth was born in 2013 to capitalize from the advanced technology products developed in the Far East in the field of health supplies, and import them in the italian and european markets.

ItalHealth quality supplies from our major product lines of medical aids and electromedical equipment drove the initial organic growth in market share, and soon allowed us focusing on building trusted relationships with the major distributors in the pharmacy network.

ItalHealth is now a qualified partner for a number of distributors and selected clients, continuously expanding its catalogue to new products that fulfill innovation and budget requirements.



Our core business covers today a wide range of services we may outsource for our clients, including import from parallel markets, repackaging and rebranding, up to marketing development and broad logistics services for companies willing to import their health products in Italy.

We put our experience in the different fields and aspects of the health market at the service of our clients, ensuring absolute commitment to their business and soon becoming a point of reference for them in this market.